BNI Members

If you are an entrepreneur or in Job, we all face challenges every day whether It is from the customer not paying on time or Sales reps are not meeting their sales quota, As a business owner, you need to continuously network and always be making new connections.

It’s how your business grows—relationships are at the very core of any business. But sometimes, that’s not as easy as it sounds, no one ever taught me how valuable networking was until I was introduced to a group called BNI (Business Network International). BNI helped to teach me that networking wasn’t about me and what I was going to receive, but quite the opposite; what could I bring to other people.

I went from not knowing what a memory hook was to being able to give you a memory hook and elevator pitch in under 30 seconds. In just a couple of months of using BNI as a resource, I was able to grow my sales team as all the members of my group are now promotion my business without any commission or salary, and the cherry on top is even if someone wants to hire these people they are not available as all of them are a credible entrepreneur and doing good in their field, I cannot find people of such calibre in the market.

Below are my Top 6 Reasons why I think BNI is your best option when you looking to grow your business

More Exposer

By joining BNI, you’ll increase your exposure to like-minded professionals, gain referrals from a global network and sharpen your networking skills with exclusive member resources.

Global Network

With thousands of chapters worldwide, BNI provides a global business network that remains unmatched.

240 K – Global Members   10.1 Million – Member Referrals (Last 12 Months ),  8577 Global Chapters, $14.8 Billion Members Closed Business (Last 12 months)

Public Speaking practice

Because you go to BNI every week and do a 30-second speech, you get lots of practice in public speaking

Knowledge of other types of businesses

Every week in the 30 seconds and the 8 minutes presentations, members share a bit about what they do, and through this, you get a broad understanding of many different types of businesses. Through one to ones with other members, and with the potential clients and introducers they refer you to, you get even more.

Participation in Regional business events

BNI regularly organizes the business events where you’ll have an opportunity to meet members of other groups/regions you can market your chapter and your business


As with most things in life, some people are naturally good at things, while other people have to work harder to achieve the same results, becoming a member of BNI enables an individual to develop and enhance a range of skills including networking, presenting and relationship building, to take their business to the next level and above.

Each BNI member has the opportunity to attend various training sessions aimed at helping them to get the most out of their membership. BNI training not only teaches them to become a better member, but also a more successful member which ultimately will make them a more successful business person.