Software Website Development
  • Date 25 Jan 2021
  • Category Business
  • Client Noida
  • Technology and Framework WordPress and PHp

WordPress website optimization, website speed loading, minify CSS and JS these are the main that we face. All user want their website should be good and easy to load in all browser. WordPress is CMS platform where we have some limitation to customize the CSS and JS as well.

One of the project has challenged to our team. We have used many plugin to perform various function different task in a website.

Performance Improvement

As per user requirement he wasn’t accept the project because their website is very low and it takes time to load. Our team doing the process for customizing the project source code and optimize the images. PeopleApp’s developer save the time and expenses in this criteria. We started making the basic flow of his requirement and initiated process from start point.

If we go to manual process it takes time and increase the cost. So, remove all the plugin once and started install one by one and check the functionality of the project flow. we’re able to complete the update process using 2 – 5 plugins in an average of 2 to 3 hours.

The challenge

The main challenge is to customize the page builder plugins. We removed the animation part from all pages and resize the font size of paragraph and headings. gradient  color of button and make it flat. These are small factor to increase the website speed but this practice works. These part reduce the CSS attributes and make small size class.

JS minify is the second and main challenge for us. Our Javascript expert customize the JS and wrote good source code style. We identify that navigation is the main reason here for the users, which needs to be considered by businesses. If the visitors are not able to smoothly browse through your site, chances are they will leave it soon. That’s why it take more time to customize the JS part of the website.

There are several features on that website for which we need to think while developing a mobile design. And, that should be small but complicated. It’s not because of the small screen of smartphones, but the reason is that smartphones are not as powerful as desktops. For a fully optimized mobile site that runs fast, you need to cut all the clutter that we usually see on desktop websites.

What are the results

Finally, my team done the job within a timeline and rectify all problem. Not website speed increase upto 80% and all images has been optimize. Now the website has fully responsive and open it in all browser versions. My client was happy after seeing the effort of our team .Google’s mobile-friendly tool being the most important. Before you go the overhaul of your current mobile site, try this tool. It will give you a snapshot about what exactly you need here to come out triumphant when it comes to a great-looking website for mobile devices.