Peopleapps Case Study
  • Technologies & Framework WordPress, PHP
  • Category Finance
  • Client Noida
  • Date 20 Dec 2021

PeopleApps have knowledgeable team in WordPress they are active in many community who have knew about the many plugins and their customization. Here is of my client, he needed user won’t be able to access book the appointment page if he/she is not registered member. Client want to restrict other pages as well of his website, user won’t able to see that.

Performance Improvement

By allowing us to streamline and optimize the efficiency of the client website update process, saves maintain time, which means we also save money. We can pass that cost-savings onto our customers and keep our maintenance fees nominal.

If we go to manual process it takes time and increase the cost. we’re able to complete the update process using 2 – 5 plugins in an average of five hours.

The challenge

With a two-person team, Maintain may be small in size, but our demand for dedicated client services continues to grow. We need to incorporate the most efficient ways to reliably manage 2 -5 plugins implementation and then testing. We have limited time to do this task, without it being a time-consuming, expensive process. Plus, we also need to keep an accurate record of updates and website histories, without relying on old-fashioned spreadsheets.

How membership plugin and booking plugin helped

After a long research and brainstorming we found the solution using 2 -5 plugin, we find the member signup and login plugin and make restrictions of pages and update processes. We can keep a recorded history of site updates and internal communication between our support team.

Our experience is incredible to implement and customization the plugin with the website theme. By utilizing tags, we can easily identify the different client types or categories without having to sort through the many clients we now manage. Again, this kind of efficiency saves us time and money.

What are the results

With using these plugin, we can complete this task and updates in one business day. As a result, we can offer lower support subscription costs to our clients, while maintaining a high level of service quality. We can then focus on the other needs of our customers, such as custom development.