2021 was an extraordinary year for us at PeopleApps Technologies. Through ups and downs, we kept working hard to help empower our clients through bespoke design and development services. In honor of collaborations we’ve had throughout the year, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane and look at our Clutch 2021 Year In Review!

Here at PeopleApps Technologies, help startups and Fortune 500 companies bridge the gap between ideas and reality. We are a Noida-based team that is ISO certified and registered under the MSME. Earlier last year, we debuted on Clutch thanks to the incredible support of our partners and clients.


Clutch, for those of you who don’t know, is an independent B2B review platform based in the heart of Washington DC. The platform is designed to guide browsers through the complexities of the IT, design, development, marketing, and business services industries.

People Apps Technologies is a proud five-star service provider on Clutch! We are a trusted partner that has quality reviews that highlight our extensive services and solutions.

One of the most crucial metrics on the platform is the NPS score — the overall willingness of a client to recommend and refer a vendor to potential clients and colleagues. Our clients gave us 100% NPS ratings, reflecting how great our partnerships are.

Take a look at this incredible quote from one of our client’s feedback!

“PeopleApps is our core technical team. They always support us during meetings with our customers. With their help, we can explain our product at any level. Over the past two years, PeopleApps has made the apps even more robust.” — Vijendra Mishra, Founder, Vijatshi Software

How do you know if your tech team will be experienced, reliable, skilled, trustworthy, and efficient? Word of mouth of course! That’s why we are thrilled to have our clients’ support through and through. We hope to discover more possibilities with each and every one of your this 2022.

Bring your vision to life with PeopleApps Technologies! Send us a message today and let us know how we can help you!