8 must have features mobile app

From small businesses to large scale companies, Mobile has become the latest frontier. It not only adds a force-multiplier to the Companies’ existing arsenal but also helps in promoting their brands pan India.

Eager to join the race, entrepreneurs now seem to be delving more into building mobile applications for their businesses, instead of investing in mobile friendly versions of their websites. Here are some pointers to how you can make a mobile application relevant to your business:


It gets very tempting to throw in a million small, frivolous features into your mobile app because you think they’re “cool” or good-looking. Avoid the temptation. Figure out the few basic things users want – build those features, and nothing else. Easy to understand features will keep the user happily engaged. Keep your mobile application ‘clean’ and ‘simple’. 

Social Media Integration

Integrating social media sharing has become a ‘necessary’ for every mobile application. Social media users will share almost everything they feel passionate about. Use Facebook or any other social media platform to allow your user to ‘sign up’, ‘like’, ‘comment’ or ‘share’ posts about various events, making it simple for the users to remain engaged with your application.


All of us agree to this. Mobile apps are supposed to load immediately, are supposed to utilize less of the phone’s memory and hardware resources, and should respond to our every command. Nobody likes to wait for an app – more so if it is a consumer app.

Data Security

No Phishing around! Mobile apps need not be only secure and safe to download but they also need to avoid collecting unnecessary data from the user’s mobile phone.


Be open to everyone and engage clients in mutual communication. Let clients leave suggestions, rates, and reviews. it is the easiest way to get suggestions and criticism from users, which shall help you shape the future of your application.


Essential as bread, air and water. If you wish your app to be successful, find out as much as you can about your customers as soon as you can. Analytics allows you to track users, and get the full information about user behavior. Based on this information, you might discover new ways to upgrade the app.

Allow Customization

These days, customers are fond of customizing their products – whether they be pizzas or their TV channels. If you want to engage your customers, add features allowing them to customize font images, colors, etc.


Search matters, when the app delivers a lot of content. But by any means, make every page and every service easy to find.   

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