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PeopleApps Technologies FAQ are intended as an initial support option for our customers and visitor as well looking for an immediate answer to a quick question or problem. Here are the stuff you ask us a lot. Looking for some quick answers about our services, pricing or do you just want to know a thing or two about us? Here’s our FAQ. 


Here is the general mobile application development process:

  • Analyzing requirements – This includes understanding the requirements of the customer and proposing a solution.
  • Designing – This covers building the blueprint structure and wireframing each screen. After this, the app is designed.
  • Development – In this step, the application is coded. All the main sections are being laid out. Once this is done, the feedback from the client is taken.
  • Testing – This includes testing the application to make sure that it is 100% bug-free and get the client’s final approval.
  • Deployment – This step includes deploying the application to the client’s servers and App Stores.

When it comes to mobile application development, there are several steps involved. Any loose end can result in data theft and security breaches. Here is what can be done for ensuring the security of the android application:

  • Encryption of sensitive data for making the data storage secure.
  • Using an authentication token system so that there is no data hacked during transmission.

Dedicated Development Teams

Here are the advantages of hiring a complete team has over hiring individual developers:

  • No need for managing every developer’s performance.
  • There will be a team leader who will be informing the client of the workflow. So, the client has to just communicate with one person.
  • Communicating with the team leader will give an opportunity to the client to get guidance from an expert.

In the case of the remote team, the client can communicate with them through phone, instant messaging, skype, or email. For local teams, the client can communicate with them directly.

Hire Android developers

Development and design time are always dependent on the features needed and the complexity required to achieve the same. So, a fair estimation is only possible after knowing the project requirements.

Yes, you will get technical support and maintenance services as well. You can communicate complex technical issues to the developer and you can expect a resolution as soon as possible.

Yes, the dedicated Android mobile app developer you hire will work full-time on your project only, just like any other regular employee.

Hire AngularJS Developer

AngularJS is the most popular Javascript frameworks for making a website better in terms of its features and functionality. It helps to provide better design, integration and offer maintenance support in the future.

Websites built with AngularJS are very cost effective as it is easy to code and maintain. Moreover, the final product can be highly interactive and allows you to get the most out of the framework.

Most developers prefer AngularJS as it makes use of HTML and helps to create multiple modules for applications. Moreover, it is easy to integrate or migrate applications to other platforms if the need arises.

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