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PeopleApps Technologies’ Clutch 2021 Recap!

2021 was an extraordinary year for us at PeopleApps Technologies. Through ups and downs, we kept working hard to help empower our clients through bespoke design and development services. In

What is the role of a backlink and how to make a backlink?

A backlink is essentially the link of one website to another. Search engines such as Google utilize backlinks as a ranking indicator because when one site hyperlinks to another one

Five Reasons why hourly rates are better than fixed prices

We communicate clearly that we only do Agile projects based on an hourly fee, but we still receive a few requests each month for fixed-price quotes. It’s important that we

Multivendor Ecommerce
Cost to develop a multi-vendor ecommerce website

Are you worried about the cost of starting an e-commerce platform that has multiple vendors like Amazon or eBay? You don’t have to worry about the cost! This guide will

To know what the best web development

Creating software isn’t that easy. There is a ton of things to consider. The more you actually create, the more you’ll learn. Are you a professional web developer or a